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    This course is flexible to meet your exact needs! You can sign up for the online-only course or a combination of both in-person & online for deeper training!

  • Full-Face Training + 6.35 CE Hours by AANP

    With our small class size, you'll get hands-on support during and after class, including injection maps. Plus, 6.35 CE Hours by AANP. Start going after the freedom and financial success you deserve.

Botox Injection Training + Business Overview

This course will empower you to start your own successful Botox business, while providing you with day one injection confidence!

  • Choose either our online-only or in-person + online option! All hands-on training is completed at boutique-style Medical Spas nationwide.

  • You will walk away with the best practice injection techniques so you can ensure your Botox business has what it needs to succeed.

  • Learn how to host your own mobile Botox parties to market your business and draw in new clients right away.

  • Launch your business with our Top 10 Tips, plus the compliance details you need for starting your own Botox business - everything from Medical Director insight to website SEO!

  • Gain invaluable support during and after class (including Injection maps!).

  • Our in-person training is only a max of 12 attendees and 1:6 student to instructor ratio, for unmatched full-face training, plus 6.35 CE by AANP!

View your Botox & Business training options

Pick a date and location that works best for you! We offer nationwide hands-on training by our expert instructors - all with limited seats available. View our FAQ section below for additional information.

Course curriculum

Picking the in-person option? Great choice! You'll gain not only valuable hands-on training, but access to all of the online material.

    1. Intro Video- 6.35 AANP CME credit hours

    2. Intro

    3. Outline

    4. Outline- DOWNLOAD and PRINT!!

    5. Disclosure

    1. Steps 1-4 Get Started!

    2. Tox Accounts

    3. Name Tip!

    4. Steps 5&6

    5. Medical Director Tip

    6. Step 7

    7. Business Tips

    8. Step 8

    9. Steps 9-10

    10. Start with just Botox

    1. Product Specifics

    2. Daxxify

    3. Reconstitution Video

    1. Clinical Considerations and Aging Process

    2. Triangle of Youth

    1. Injection Technique

    2. Anatomy of Muscles of the Face

    3. General Notes

    4. Glabellar Complex

    5. How to Avoid Droopy Eyelid

    6. Lid Ptosis Example

    7. management and prevention of ptosis.pdf

    8. Glabellar Complex Injection Video

    9. 11s Before and After

    10. Syringe markings

    11. Frontalis

    12. Contraindication for Frontalis

    13. Frontalis Injection Video

    14. Forehead Before and After

    15. Tip frontalis

    16. Orbicularis Oculi

    17. Orbicularis Oculi Injection Video

    18. Crow's Feet Before and After

    19. Nasalis

    20. Nasalis Injection Video

    21. Orbicularis Oris

    22. Orbicularis Oris Injection Video

    23. Lip Flip Before and After

    24. Depressor Anguli Oris

    25. DAO Injection Video

    26. Marionette Lines Before and After

    27. Mentalis

    28. Mentalis Injection Video

    29. Pebble Chin Before and After

    30. Full Face Tox Injection Video

    31. Depth of Injections Video

    32. Advanced Areas Not Covered

    33. Many Ways to Inject

    1. Compliance

About this course

  • $699.00
  • 61 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Hear What Other Injectors Have to Say

“I just wanted to let you know that I think your online business course was amazing. It was exactly what I was looking for in regards to information about opening my own business. Your course was incredibly informative. Most of all, I appreciate how encouraging and transparent you are about your own mistakes you made when starting your own business. Your “learn from my mistakes” sections were my favorite part! Your online “tox” portion was easy to follow and very useful to have watched before training with you in-person. I highly recommend your course to anyone who might be interested in starting their own “tox” business. It’s completely worth it.”


“Training with Cassie allowed more of an intimate 1:1 training. She was attentive throughout while directly supervising and directing each step from reconstituting, marking and injecting after significant didactice time was spent with us. She has also been a wonderful continued resource for me as a new injector and aesthetic business owner.”


“The Injectables Start-Up Package and the Policies and Procedures I purchased from Injectables EDU provided everything I needed to feel ready to open my doors with a strong infrastructure. The Medical Director Collaborative Agreement in the package saved me so much money and time. And the one-on-one call I had with Cassie really helped address the questions pertaining to my individual situation.”



  • What is the location and hours of the hands-on course?

    Richmond classes are held will be held at Cassie Lane Aesthetics at 5805 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228. All Portland classes are held at 12525 NW Cornell Rd, #204 Portland, OR 97229. Atlanta classes are held at 1705 Mt. Vernon Rd. Ste B, Dunwoody, GA 30338. Chicago classes are held at 900 N Franklin St, Ste 407, Chicago, IL. Austin class is held at The Archer at the Domain (North Austin). You get to see behind the scenes at a Med Spa!

  • Who can take this course? Are there payment plans?

    This course is intended for RNs and APRNs. All medical professionals including DDS, MD, PA, LPN/LVN are welcome to attend. Our class covers entrepreneurship and business topics that are geared at RNs and APRNs but is applicable to any provider starting in aesthetics. Payment plans can be set up if desired, please email [email protected] for your payment plan set up.

  • Can I earn CME for this course? Online and/or hands-on?

    Yes! This course is pre-approved for 6.35 CEs by the AANP for NPs and RN credit. Just submit the course number provided to you on your certificate at the end of the course. This course can be submitted for non-prior approval for CME for PA, MD, DDS, etc.

  • What areas are covered in the online class and the hands-on class?

    Online course gives detailed injecting videos, instructions, and injection maps for 11s, Forehead, Crow's Feet, DAOs, Chin, and Lip Flip/Smoker's lines The in person Hands-On class will include injection experience with 11s, Forehead and Crow's feet with an overview of lower face injections. Maximum of 4 students to instructor ratio.

  • Will models be provided? Will we inject Botox or Saline? Is the cost of product included?

    In the hand-on course you will serve as each-other's models. You can choose to be injected with either saline or tox during training. Saline is included in the price of the class, tox will be $8/units. Due to the delayed onset of botulinum toxin, injecting with saline is often preferable for initial training.

  • Are fillers covered in this course? Do you offer a fillers course?

    We do offer a dermal filler course. You can bundle your tox class together and save at https://injectablesedu.thinkific.com/bundles/basic-botox-dermal-filler-course

  • How do I prepare for the hands-on class?

    You MUST complete the online didactic course prior to attending the hands-on class. There will be review at the in-person class.

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion for the course?

    Yes. Both the online and hands-on courses will provide a certificate for your records which can be used as proof of training for malpractice insurance, etc.

  • What is the day agenda for the hands-on class?

    0900: Intro 0930: Didactic review and answering questions from the online material 11:30: Reconstitution practice 12:00: Lunch and Pharmaceutical rep talk 12:30: 11s marking and injections 1:30: Forehead markings and injections 2:30: Crows Feet markings and injections 3:00: Wrap-up

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