What's included...

This premade presentation gets you set to have a successful Botox party! ***FREE Bonus: Includes email template to send to a Botox Party host with detailed instructions on how to prepare and what to expect!***

  • Before and after photos that you can insert your own results

  • Explains pricing and common dosing areas and amounts to your clients

  • Addresses the aging process and common Botox myths

  • Includes presenter notes for 25-30 minute presentation

  • Introduces dermal filler services to your clients

  • Outlines aftercare instructions and contraindications

  • Email template to send to the host with detailed instructions for Aesthetic Record on how to sign up and prepare

Botox Parties Made Easy

Let's make your next event stress-free!

This 35-slide presentation is intended to be presented when you are performing mobile Botox at in-home parties. It's important to educate the guests about your services while addressing common questions and concerns. The more info your clients have about these procedures, the more comfortable they will be trying new treatments.

Course curriculum

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About this course

  • $199.00
  • 2 lessons

Make your next Botox party a breeze!

Everything you need in one easy download!

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