Aesthetics Collaborative Agreement

For the Advanced Practice Provider

  • Medical Director Collaborative Agreement and Fee Agreement

    Get a fully customizable Aesthetics Collaborative Agreement and Free Agreement template that can be used between an Advanced Practice Provider and a Medical Director.

  • Bonus Documents Included

    Advertising Ethics HIPAA Information | Medication Storage Guidelines Injectables | Physician Consultation/Orders Injectables | Guidelines Vascular Occlusion Info Sheet

  • Receipt For Your Records

    Write off your purchase under your business expenses and keep the receipt on file. Save money! These documents cost over $4,000 to have drawn up from scratch.

Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for purchasing the Medical Director Agreement

    1. Medical Director Collaborative Agreement with NP/PA

    2. Medical Director Fee Agreement

    3. Advertising Ethics


    5. Medication Storage Guidelines

    6. Injectables Guidelines

    7. Injectables Physician Consultation/Orders

    8. Vascular Occlusion Info Sheet

    9. A note on the medical director agreemnt

    10. Receipt

    1. Calendly Link

About this course

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  • 12 lessons

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  • Can I just purchase the Medical Director Agreement?

    No, individual documents from the consulting package cannot be sold separately. In my experience, paying a legal professional for a Medical Director Agreement costs on average $3,000+. This consulting package presents an incredible value.

  • Can I use this if my state requires partial physician ownership of the practice or an MSO/MSA Agreement?

    No, this Medical Director Agreement is not suitable for states that require partial physician ownership. This is a collaborative agreement between an Advanced Practice Provider and a Medical Director

  • Can I use this agreement if I'm an RN?

    This document alone is not enough to establish a Medical Director relationship with a nurse-owned practice. We can help you get this set up, however! Just make a free 30-minute call with us at so we can walk you through the necessary extra documents.