Medical Director Basic Botox Course

Are you a Medical Director looking to jump into an aesthetics practice? Then this is the course for you! You'll learn the clinical requirements and techniques for day one success with Botulinum Toxin injections and topics you'll need to know in a Medical Director role, including liability and malpractice coverage.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    2. Outline

    3. Disclosure

    1. Tox Accounts

    1. Product Specifics

    2. Reconstitution Video

    1. Clinical Considerations and Aging Process

    2. Triangle of Youth

    1. Injection Technique

    2. Anatomy of Muscles of the Face

    3. General Notes

    4. Glabellar Complex

    5. How to Avoid Droopy Eyelid

    6. Lid Ptosis Example

    7. management and prevention of ptosis.pdf

    8. Glabellar Complex Injection Video

    9. 11s Before and After

    10. Syringe markings

    11. Frontalis

    12. Contraindication for Frontalis

    13. Frontalis Injection Video

    14. Forehead Before and After

    15. Tip frontalis

    16. Orbicularis Oculi

    17. Orbicularis Oculi Injection Video

    18. Crow's Feet Before and After

    19. Nasalis

    20. Nasalis Injection Video

    21. Orbicularis Oris

    22. Orbicularis Oris Injection Video

    23. Lip Flip Before and After

    24. Depressor Anguli Oris

    25. DAO Injection Video

    26. Marionette Lines Before and After

    27. Mentalis

    28. Mentalis Injection Video

    29. Pebble Chin Before and After

    30. Full Face Tox Injection Video

    31. Depth of Injections Video

    32. Advanced Areas Not Covered

    33. Many Ways to Inject

    1. What's my liability?

    2. Liability Disclosure Injectables EDU

    3. Medical Director Malpractice FAQs

    4. Medical Director Coverage MS Endorsement -The most common insurance policy coverage for Medical Director from Clifton Insurance

About this course

  • $599.00
  • 52 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Cassie Lane

Owner Injectables EDU

Cassie Lane started Injectables EDU to bring her experience in patient care to the world of aesthetics. Cassie prioritizes client education before beginning treatments and focuses on collaboration to produce beautiful and natural-looking results.

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  • Will I receive a certificate of completion from the course?

    Yes. This course provides a certificate for your records which can be used as proof of training for malpractice insurance, etc.

  • Will this course inform me of liability and malpractice implications?

    Yes, this course addresses these topics which are top questions of most Medical Directors.

  • What areas of the face are included?

    This online course gives detailed injecting videos, instructions, and injection maps for 11s, Forehead, Crow's Feet, DAOs, Chin, and Lip Flip/Smoker's lines.

  • Are Fillers covered in this course? Do you offer a Fillers Course?

    Fillers are not covered in this class. As of now we do not offer a Filler class. We recommend starting with learning Botox only first and then after getting comfortable with that skill set, going back for fillers training. We are happy to recommend filler training options.

  • Can I add on a hands-on class?

    Yes, just sign up for a hands-on add-on class from the main course page and pick your in-person date. Courses are held at Cassie's Boutique Med Spa in Richmond, VA.

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