• Cassie Lane CRNA, DNAP

    Injectables EDU Founder & AANP speaker, and Med Spa owner, Cassie Lane will be your instructor! She is going to prep you for Day 1 success!

  • Everything you need

    This complete start-up guide includes consent, intake forms, charting notes, pharmacy price comparisons, policies & procedures, client presentation, dosing schedule & more.

  • The next big thing

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to help you patients access this weight loss medication that is taking over national media.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Make sure you have

    3. Semaglutide Cash Based Business say what.pdf

    1. Breaking down barriers

    2. Hormones at play

    1. Why weight loss

    1. Pharmacology

    1. Who should you treat?

    2. Lab Draws?

    1. Side effect profile

    2. Side effect management

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Cassie Lane

Owner Injectables EDU

Cassie Lane started Injectables EDU to bring her experience in patient care to the world of aesthetics. Cassie prioritizes client education before beginning treatments and focuses on collaboration to produce beautiful and natural-looking results.